Our Offering

Naledi Farm

The dream has been with us for as long as we can remember. Over the years the Universe has been gradually shaping us to take our place and respond to this calling. We have had to face our fears head-on and to be firm in our resolve that our calling is way bigger than the sum total of our fears. We have had to learn the ropes and we are still learning, but at some point we had to put the wheel in motion. We opened up our home for guests in July 2017 and we have never looked back ever since. By taking this step we opened our world to a network of other like-minded creatives and urban farmers who share in our dream collaborate our efforts..

The farm has livestock, a couple of sheep, chickens, geese and ducks. The main attraction on the farm is the vegetable garden. Inspired by our children?s book, Tshimong ya Meroho le Naledi, the vegetable garden is a quick stroll from the house and boasts mouth-watering spinach, cabbage, beets, rainbow carrots in winter; to melons, marrows, potatoes, pumpkins, okra, tomatoes, sunflowers and artichokes in summer! The soil is enriched with manure from our sheep kraal and our homemade compost. No pesticides are used here! Each year the vegetables are planted in different beds to lessen disease problems and to allow the soil to replenish after hosting heavy feeders. Marigolds, osteospermums, nasturtiums and tulbaghias, and a variety of herbs are interspersed amid the vegetables not only for their aesthetics but because they repel insects and attract beneficial insects. Over the years we have seen all sorts of butterflies, birds and bugs come along to share in the beauty and have a bite while at it.